El Chaltén

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El Chaltén
It is a small mountain tourist village in Los Glaciares National Park. It is situated in the western part of Santa Cruz Province, at the foothill of Cerro Fitz Roy and in the riverside of Río de las Vueltas. It is one of the youngest villages in Argentina. It was founded on 12th October 1985. It has a population of  1 627 inhabitants.

 Hiking is the best way to discover what makes El Chaltén unique: fragrant forests, amazing wildlife, the sounds of nature, sublime mountain light, and a real sense of peace. And while you shouldn’t be afraid to go hiking on your own, going in a group with a guide can add a lot to the experience. Because they’re experts in their local areas, they know the best trails and the most scenic spots. And they’ll share fascinating insights about the trees, wildlife of the places you visit.

You’ll come away with a much deeper understanding of how plants and animals have adapted to survive in our hostile climate.
There are many excursions and guided activities visitors can enjoy: Trekking to Laguna Toro, Paso de Viento, Paso Huemul, El Chaltén, Vuelta al Hielo; sailing to the Viedma glacier, the biggest in the park, and ice hiking on the surface of the glacier -optional-; sailing in Del Desierto lake from Punta Sur till Punta Norte -there are many trails to visit in this place-; visit the petrified forest La Leona.
Most  popular trekkings 
There are surprisingly many options for guided hiking in El Chaltén. Here are the most popular ones:
-Miradores Los Cóndores and Las Águilas: duration: 40 minutes
-Laguna Capri: duration: 2 hours
-Piedra del Fraile: duration: 2 hours
-Piedras Blancas glacier: duration: 2 hours
-Laguna Torre: duration: 4 hours
-Laguna de los Tres: duration: 5 hours
Short trekkings to

-Chorrillo del Salto
-Cañadon del Río de las Vueltas
-Mirador Cascada Margarita -Viewpoint Margarita Waterfall
 Guided activities

-El Chaltén -Laguna Toro -Pso del Viento: duration: 2 days
-Vuelta al Huemul: El Chaltén - Paso del Viento - Paso Huemul -El Chaltén duration: 3 or 4 days
-Trip on the southern Patagoninan Ice: duration: 7 or more days
Trekking on Lago del Desierto
-Punta Sur -Huemul Glacier duration: 1 hour
-Punta Norte -Boundary post duration: 2 hours
-Connection to Villa O'Higgins duration: 6 hours

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