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Penguin colony:

Isla de Lobos+Isla Faro Le Eclaireurs+Isla martillo (penguin colony).
Available: Only from November to March
Duration: from 4:30  approx.
Departures: every day 09:00hs - 15:30 hs.
Includes:  bilingual guide and navigation certificate.
Not includes: port rade AR$40.00.-

We sail from the local tourist dock and go along the wide Ushuaia Bay until we reach the Beagle Channel through Paso Chico.

Once there, we sail around the Isla de los Pájaros where we will spot Fuegian birds such as Skuas, the black-browed albatross, steam ducks, cauquenes, kelp seagulls and gray seagulls. We also sail around the Isla de Los Lobos, where we can spot sea lions and fur sea lions. Both islands belong to the Bridges archipelago.

As we reach Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse we will be able to view colonies of imperial cormorants and rock cormorants, and to listen to the history of the sinking of the SS Cervantes in 1930.

We will then sail to the east, enjoying the gorgeous scenery of the channel and the surrounding mountains. There we will see Puerto Almanza on the Argentinean coast, and Puerto Williams Navy Base on the Chilean coast. Then we will get to Isla Martillo where we will spot a colony of Magellan Penguins and some Papua penguins.

From there we will sail to Harberton ranch, where some passengers will get off, and the rest will sail back to Ushuaia.

NBPassengers who took a tour of the Penguin Colony will go back to port by water and will arrive at 13:00 hs approx.
(The timetables are approximate, depending on the weather conditions).

Price per person: .AR$.-

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