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Coordinating day and time of arrival, we will be waiting for you at the airport. Waiting anxiously for your arrival and the beginning of your adventure in our magnificent city of Ushuaia.


NATIONAL PARK - 08:30 TO 13:00 hs.


Starting from the Hotel in Ushuaia, in a southwesterly direction, traveling along national route No. 3, heading towards Tierra del Fuego National Park.

After crossing the Pipo River Bridge, on our right hand side we will see the Ushuaia Golf Club, which is the southernmost golf course in the world, arriving at the station of the Austral Fueguian Railway, the End of the World Train. Those passengers who wish can board the train.

We continue the tour with the bus for 2 more kilometers and enter the National Park, an area reserved for the protection of the Sub Antarctic Forest, native flora and fauna, making a stop at the Bahía Ensenada crossing, awaiting the arrival of the train and passengers who chose to do the train tour.

Along the path surrounded by forests of lengas, ñires, sour cherries and peat bogs, we will reach Lake Acigami (ex Roca), a lake of glacial origin, whose surface is 5.50 square kilometers, framed by mountains and forests, where it is possible to see native birds.

At the Alakush Visitor Center, we will have approximately 30 free minutes. Where we will make a technical stop.

The last section of the excursion takes us to Bahía Lapataia, after crossing the cormorant archipelago, peat bogs, forest and environments transformed by beavers.

In Bahía Lapataia, in addition to the marine coast, rich in mollusks and mussels, we will find vestiges of the ancient aboriginal people who  lived the region.

There we will have time to walk the walkways, which were built in order to protect the ground and the archaeological remains of the first habitants of the area more than 6000 years ago. On the viewpoint  there are panoramic balconies from where you can enjoy and feel de sensation of being at the end of the world.

From this place, the end of National Route No. 3, known as the End of the World, we will begin our return to the city of Ushuaia.

Once arrival in the city we will make the main stop in downtown or in your hotels, this decision its depend on each one, you will have free time for lunch. All passenger must show up at 15:30 at the touristic pier of Ushuaia, which does not include transfer, to continue enjoying the day and make the second excursion, Beagle channel  sea lions + lighthouse, detailed below.

We begin the navigation leaving from the Tourist Dock of our city, in the direction of the Beagle Channel, enjoying as we move away, the panoramic view of the Ushuaia coast, spotting the most important buildings, Maritime Museum (former prison), Museum of the End of the World, the industrial area, and the Olivia and Cinco Hermanos mountains.

We sail to the southwest, approaching the island of Sea Lions, where, from the boat, we can enjoy the view of sea lions, watching their permanent habitat, in a wonderful setting.

Continuing the navigation, we will go to the Birds Island, where we will find Magellanic cormorants and Imperial cormorants and a privileged sector to see these amazing marine birds.

We continue towards the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, in the archipelago of the same name, where the Monte Cervantes ship was sank in 1930.

The return will be through the Paso Chico, sighting the Túnel and Fique Ranch, we return to Ushuaia, with a view of the imposing framework that gives the city Mount Martial and the glacier of the same name.



On our second day in Ushuaia, we will be doing the Excursion to Escondido and Fagnano Lakes.

Departing from of Ushuaia, at approximately 9 in the morning, travelling again on the national route No. 3, but heading northeast, towards the mountain peaks, where we can see Mount Olivia and Cinco Hermanos (five brothers) mountain Range, two of the most imposing mountains In our city.

On the route along the Carbajal Valley, a place where we will make a stop, where we will see circus glaciers, hanging valleys and bogs in operation.

The next stop will be at the Winter Center, a sled dog farm, Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Huskies.

We continue our tour; we will find peat valleys, small glaciers, cross-country ski centers and snow activities, the Cerro Castor alpine ski complex, waterfalls and environments modified by the actions of the Beavers.

From the Rancho Hambre spot, we begin to climb towards the Garibaldi Pass, following the winding path, surrounded by forests of Lengas and Ñires.

At the Mirador del Paso Garibaldi, we will stop to enjoy panoramic views of Lake Escondido, Lake Fagnano in the background and surroundings.

Continuing towards the last point to visit on the route, previously named Lake Fagnano, where we will have a panoramic view of this amazing Lake shared in the extreme west with Chile, with an area of ​​645 m2, a length of 104 km of which 13.5 km they belong to Chile and with a depth of 200 m.

Then we start the return to the winter resort area, where we will stop at one of them, with free time for lunch. Returning to the city of Ushuaia after the lunch, towards the city center or yours respective hotels.


Checking the day and time of your departure, we will be looking for you at your Hotel, with the pleasure of having jointly enjoyed the excursions and your stay in Ushuaia, wishing you return to ushuaia at another time of the year.


Price per person: AR$.-

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